About Us

Falls Vision Receptivo is your local connection in Foz do Iguaçu!

Óla and meet Fabio Wandscheer and his team at Falls Vision Receptivo, your local connection in sensational Foz do Iguassu! We have always been inspired by the thundering Iguassu Falls and the warmth and kindness of the people that live near them. The awe-inspiring natural beauty of the region, the diversity of history, and the adventure made possible by the landscape and its inhabitants is what has brought us to this area. Our multilingual local staff, a few of whom who have been with the company prior to its official inception, have grown up in the region and have a special interest in maintaining it for their own families as well as future generations. We all love Foz do Iguassu and our accumulative local knowledge and wide variety of individual interests provides for an extensive range of eco-friendly excursions and Foz do Iguassu tours, as well as creating a diversified network of contacts and Foz do Iguassu hotel partners. By booking with us, you will be receiving expert advice as well as personalised service ensuring your holiday in Foz do Iguassu will be one of a kind!

FozdoIguaçuHotelsFrom the foundation of Falls Vision Receptivo, Fabio and his colleagues set about providing travel services and expertise in an accountable and creative manner. Our services range from adventure tourism and Iguassu Falls tours to learning about the local culture and history. We are happy to create customised Iguassu Falls itineraries for independent travellers.

We include the local community in many of our activities and projects. We see the key to our success as being our ability to identify reliable Iguassu accommodation and tour partners, to foster mutual respect for the flora and fauna of our magnificent region and its people, and to create specific programs to suit clients' needs through our network of contacts. We at Falls Vision Receptivo are strong supporters of sustainable tourism, meaning caring for the environment, local communities and the local culture. We try at all times to promote the best practices within the Foz do Iguassu hotel and tour industry.

We are local and committed to preserving the incredible natural beauty of Foz do Iguassu and the surrounding region and know best what to do and where to go in our amazing destination!

Fabio Wandscheer
was born 12 km outside of Foz do Iguassu, Brazil to a large and typical Southern Brazilian family of mixed European ancestry. He grew up on a farm and learned from an early age the value of family, conservation and hard-work. Fabio worked on the family farm until he was 18 years old when he decided to drive his father's taxi in order to improve his English. He began to organise tours around Puerto Iguazu and educate tourists about the local culture, costumes, curiosities and flora and fauna of the region.

Fabio and his colleagues dreamt of opening their own travel company, and in 2001, they had the opportunity to make this dream reality. They bought a travel agency in the Iguassu Falls International Airport allowing them to manage flights to Iguassu Falls, as well as Foz do Iguassu hotel and tour bookings. Over time they became the expert voice for local service in the region. Falls Vision Receptivo is a team of people on the ground in Foz do Iguassu who love the region and deeply respect and take care of it. We strive for quality, flexibility and total satisfaction from our guests, allowing plenty of time for tours and Foz do Iguassu activities throughout the region. Our staff knows Foz do Iguassu like the back of their hands and can suggest everything from local traditional Foz do Iguassu dishes to camping and trekking in the region's gorgeous environment.

For travellers who are interested in the countryside, Falls Vision has a strong connection with local farmers and can organise camping, fishing, and swimming trips. The local agriculture is strong and there are plenty of small farmers responsible for milk, fruit, vegetable, fish and meat production. The farmers supply these products to the entire region and are happy to open their doors to visitors and are working hard to preserve their land.

WHL.travel has given us the opportunity to be in direct contact with independent travellers and survive the global market by helping small agencies such as ours maintain a website and offer our local services to concerned travellers."

We at Falls Vision Receptivo and partners are ready to assist you in planning your trip to Foz do Iguassu and are waiting for you! We will provide unforgettable experiences in Foz do Iguassu where you will be connected with the local community. We look forward to your visit in Iguassu!