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The Government Entrance FEEs are not included. The traveler will need to pay at the entrance of the Park.

The big adventure begins at the Macuco Safari entrance gates, located on the Cataratas Highway inside the Iguassu National Park, with embarkation in open jeep-towed wagons that permit an unobstructed view of the scenery along the trail. During the 3-kilometer stretch through the jungle, multi-lingual guides point out examples of the flora and fauna of the Park. Orchids, palm trees, bromeliads, centenaries trees, as well as wild animals that occasionally cross the trail are pointed out by the guides.

The hike - The second stage, a stretch of 600 meters (optional), is a hike on a trail that leads to a waterfall named "Macuco Falls". The waterfall is perfect for a refreshing dip on days of intense heat, spills down from a height of approximately 20 meters. Access is via a stairway carved into the ancient rock. The last stop is the Macuco Safari docks on the Brazilian side of the Iguassu River.

In the water, inflatable bi-motor boats, constructed to withstand the rigors of the excursion, are secure and efficient vessels. Before embarkation, passengers receive life-vests and plastic containers in which to protect photographic and filming equipment. The boat travels up-river passing the canyon facing the rapids at a speed that permits the appreciation of the scenery.

Rocks, animals and a lot of greenery complete the scenery before reaching the base of the falls. Next, on to the "great horseshoe" know as the "Devil's Throat". Rainbows, blue sky, mist and water in profusion, punctuate the spectacle that has as its high point, the area of the falls named "The Three Musketeers". There the captain maneuvers the boat in order to get close enough to provide the passengers with a quick and refreshing shower.

Since at the end of the fun everyone normally ends-up wet, the passengers more sensitive to cold should have extra clothes to use after the boat excursion.

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  • Starting time: (9.00 AM - 4.30 PM)
  • Ending time: (11.00 AM - 6.00 PM)


3 kilometers by electric vehicle

600 meters walking

6 kilometers by boat  

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation can be done 48 hrs before the activity.

Children policy

- Child under six years old is totally free.
- Children between seven and twelve years old pay half-price, older then 12 pay 100%.

Participant Guidelines

  • We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  • We advise you to use sun block